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We have a range of specialist services designed to support your business. From helpline advice and guidance, to on-site and remote technical assistance – you can rest assured we can provide help whenever or wherever it is needed.



The Cyber Highway journey is much more than a basic alternative to other CE compliance routes. It presents companies with a fresh and practical approach to Cyber Essentials certification delivered via an intuitive online portal, with a range of support features designed for ease-of-use. The Cyber Highway is a unique cyber risk management platform which helps businesses maintain a strong cyber resilient footprint.


The Cyber Highway is the only online portal that offers Enterprise companies the opportunity to help secure their supply chains by on-boarding thousands of suppliers simultaneously. Furthermore, it provides access to a management dashboard which offers a comprehensive overview of the cyber-health of companies in their supply chain while they are part of The Cyber Highway.


We take out all the hard work of policy development with our range of bespoke templates and sample documents – all readily available to help support your business operation.


We provide a bespoke range of consultancy services to help your business – whatever its size, implement effective cyber-security practices and better secure your infrastructure.  Our Cyber Security Industry specialists are best placed to guide and assist you.


Our close links and partnerships with expert training providers across Industry, the Private Sector and Academia, help us signpost companies to high-quality training and development routes designed to best match the requirements of their business teams.


As part of a company’s annual subscription to The Cyber Highway portal, we offer access to bespoke cyber-threat intelligence feeds which provide up-to-the-minute information about your particular business sector.  This helps to ensure that your company has the knowledge it needs to stay one step ahead when it comes to protection of your systems. Regular alerts about the latest cyber scams and frauds are available as part of a company’s annual subscription to The Cyber Highway.


Whatever your problem, whatever your need, whatever your budget – we have access to a dedicated team of accredited technical support practitioners who can provide you with first-class remote or on-site assistance, giving you the best possible chance of mitigating threats from cyber attacks.  When a business decides to apply for Cyber Essentials Plus certification or wishes to provide a higher level of assurance to clients through external testing of its cyber security systems, we can arrange for vulnerability assessments and penetration testing to be carried out.


Everyone’s waking up to the fact that good practice in basic cyber hygiene is worth rewarding. And so, we have negotiated reduced cyber liability insurance deals on behalf of companies using The Cyber Highway as their chosen route to Cyber Essentials Certification. Like us, these insurance companies have confidence that, by adopting our robust quality assurance system, you are on the right track to protect your business interests.

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