Fear of complexity and a lack of transparency about the cost of implementing sound basic cyber security controls, leaves millions of businesses around the world, vulnerable to cyber crime and cyber attack.  This is the conclusion that the team at www.thecyberhighway.com came to after extensive engagement with business communities around the globe.  It was this certainty, coupled with the introduction of a Government-created cyber security standard that led to the creation of The Cyber Highway (@thecyberhighway) – a user-friendly, cost-effective online portal based upon the UK Government’s GCHQ-led Cyber Essentials Certification Scheme and which was launched by Lord David Blunkett, Chairman of Cyber Essentials Direct Ltd, in London in September 2016.

Businesses, particularly small and medium sized firms, want to know what they’re in for when they sign-up to go through the Cyber Essentials (CE) process.  Many questions arise:

  • How much will it cost us?
  • How difficult is it to achieve Certification?
  • Should I aim for Cyber Essentials (Basic) or take the next step to become certified to Cyber Essentials Plus?
  • What’s the difference between the two levels of certification and how will achieving CE certification help my business?
  • Will it drive more customers my way?
  • How long will it take to go through the process?
  • Do we have to employ expensive consultants to help us?
  • What’s the difference between the CE certification and PCI DSS?
  • And what is the relevance of the CE Certification to the ISO 27001 process?

Over the coming weeks and months we are heading out on thecyberhighway to get some clarity about what it means for your business to become CE certified.  We will do our best to answer these and many more questions – so tune in and post your queries on Linked-in and Twitter.  Let’s have a conversation that makes sense for you and for your business.

Our aim is to generate for you a better understanding of how we can quickly and cheaply protect your businesses and organisations against cyber attack – so that we can all get on with the vitally and most business of all – growing our income whilst providing a cyber resilient future for our customers and employees.

You will find us @thecyberhighway @cyberprotection and on www.thecyberhighway.com – we look forward to helping you on your journey with a new article every Tuesday, starting 25th October, that will help you decide how best to keep your business safe and secure from cyber crime and cyber attack.