Source : FutureScot

Launch of The Cyber Highway

Matilda Borgstrom

Cyber security breaches have cost UK businesses £34.1bn in the last year

Today sees the launch of The Cyber Highway which offers a new online portal for large enterprises that want to strengthen the cyber defence of their supply chain, and for companies that want to improve their cyber resilience.

It is the first time that companies can take control online of the Cyber Essentials certification process, enabling them to make improvements to the safety and security of their digital assets.

Cyber Essentials is a UK Government scheme, supported by industry, to help organisations protect themselves against the most common cyber attacks. It was developed as part of the UK’s National Cyber Security Programme, with the full scheme launched in June 2014.

Cyber security breaches have cost UK businesses £34.1bn in the last year, whilst small organisations account for 92% of cyber-attacks, often because of limited resources.

Lord David Blunkett, former Home Secretary and Chairman of Cyber Essentials Direct Ltd, the team behind The Cyber Highway, said: “The UK Government has made significant progress. Government departments now require suppliers bidding for particular contracts to be Cyber Essentials certified and next month sees the launch of the National Cyber Security Centre. These are all steps in the right direction but we can and must go further, especially to assist many more companies to become certified.”

Overseas governments are also in discussions with Cyber Essentials Direct to implement the Cyber Essentials programme in their own countries. CyberNB (Cyber New Brunswick), Canada’s first Provincial body to develop a comprehensive cyber security strategy, is evaluating The Cyber Highway.

John Kershaw, CyberSmartNB Lead, New Brunswick, Canada, said: “Cyber crime is a growing global challenge requiring an international response and we look forward to learning from and working closely with the ICSPA, the UK government and other agencies here to support our businesses in the same way.”