Source : New Business

Cyber Highway launches today by Lord David Blunkett

In the constant battle, good versus evil, being fought online, the Government has added another weapon to the UK armoury to protect businesses of all sizes, in the form of The Cyber Highway launched today by Sir David Blunkett, Chairman of the Cyber Essentials scheme, the organisation behind the Cyber Highway.

This online portal is designed to provide user friendly information to corporations about the strength of their supply chain and caters for companies of all sizes, looking to improve their defences in the area of online security.

Lord Blunkett, said: “The UK Government has made significant progress. Government departments now require suppliers bidding for particular contracts to be Cyber Essentials certified and next month sees the launch of the National Cyber Security Centre. These are all steps in the right direction but we can and must go further, especially to assist many more companies to become certified.”

He said “It is more important than ever, post-Brexit, for businesses to hold an internationally accepted certification, as competition increases and an extra level of cyber resilience is required.

“That is why taking steps to secure our supply chain is critical. Critical economically, essential in terms of protecting the national infrastructure of the country, as well as the protection of our own personal data and information.”

CEO John Lyons said: “We have spent the last eighteen months designing a practical and helpful approach to help de-risk and secure otherwise vulnerable supply chains from cyber-attack.

“As The Cyber Highway is built around internationally recognised UK Government and GCHQ standards, enterprise companies have the confidence that the robustness of the cyber security in their supply chain is something they can trust. Furthermore, protective measures like this will help secure the critical national infrastructure.”

John Lyons said: “The global nature of the threat requires global solutions. By using The Cyber Highway to gain Cyber Essentials certification, we create a common cyber security standard which protects businesses wherever they trade.

“The Cyber Highway is an internationally relevant solution and a compelling offer for governments around the world looking to protect their business communities from cyber attack.”