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Cyber Highway aims to put UK orgs on the road to Cyber Essentials Certification

A new project intends to help bolster the IT security of UK organisations by steering them towards Cyber Essentials certification.

On Tuesday, Lord David Blunkett, a former Home Secretary and chairman of Cyber Essentials Direct, announced Cyber Highway in London.

Blunkett hopes the initiative will help build upon success the UK government has already made in cyber security. As he told The Register:

“The UK Government has made significant progress. Government departments now require suppliers bidding for particular contracts to be Cyber Essentials certified, and next month sees the launch of the National Cyber Security Centre. These are all steps in the right direction but we can and must go further, especially to assist many more companies to become certified.”

At the heart of Cyber Highway is the notion that organisations can do more to secure themselves than to abide by the criteria of simple tick-the-box assessments. Indeed, they can and should aspire to achieve resilience against today’s digital threats such as by continuously reviewing their technical security controls and maintaining an updated list of all assets they want to protect.

Organisations can pursue resilience by signing up with Cyber Highway, which offers to help enrollees pursue certification with Cyber Essentials.

Started in 2014, Cyber Essentials is a scheme created in the United Kingdom that organisations can use to develop some basic information security controls.

The Cyber Highway project is designed in part to “demystify” the Cyber Essentials certification process so that all organisations can strengthen their IT security measures.

As an added bonus, those organisations that achieve certification via the Cyber Highway can purchase AIG’s CyberEdge liability insurance at a reduced rate.

One unnamed High Street bank has already enrolled with the project, but the range of potential customers is nearly endless.

At this time, it is believed as many as 300 organisations that supply businesses in the retail and technology sectors are currently in talks to sign up with the Cyber Highway.

To learn more about Cyber Highway and consider joining up yourself, please visit the initiative’s website here.