There is an established acknowledgement that cyber security is critical to UK PLC – particularly in the context of enabling business to prosper in an environment that is a safe place to do business. This is consistent with the objectives of UK Government.

The UK Defence supply chain is an example of how risk is shared as a matter of course throughout collaborating organisations and there is a need for a baseline set of mandatory controls that are critical to its success. The extent of this success stretches beyond the sustainability of the commercial organisations involved as the impact on failure is directly linked to the ability for the nation to provide military capability to defend and protect both at home and in support of overseas operations. The concepts here are similar for most other industry sectors although the impact is potentially less extreme when things go wrong but nonetheless critical to those businesses.

This informative event will consider the various elements key to the ability for the UK to step forward with an enhanced, nationally embraced improvement in baseline cyber security that takes advantage of the opportunity to extend adoption of the UK Government Cyber Essentials Scheme. It will explore the key drivers with views shared from a collection of organisations who are directly addressing the challenges of supply chain assurance.


10.45 Arrival and coffee
11.15 Robin King, MD, CS2 -Welcome and introduction
11.20 Lord Blunkett – will provide some perspective on the journey that UK PLC has taken with UK Government to arrive at the point to deliver an enhanced security baseline
11.35 Nigel Jones, CEO of the Information Assurance Advisory Council (IAAC) – will consider the key cyber challenges requiring collaborative and community effort. These are the drivers of current policy, and they include the human dimension, shared risk and interdependence, skills development and cyber security innovation and growth
11.55 Tony Butler, Security lead for UK Council for Electronic Business (UKCeB) – will outline a combined industry view on the need to support engagement within the UK MOD supply chain through mandatory control measures and the steps being taken to encourage and support adoption
12.15 Robin King – MD, CS2 – experiences of the SME supplier achieving Cyber Essentials and recommendations
12.30 Q & A
13.00 Close

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