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This is the story of our journey.

We are the proud team behind The Cyber Highway – a unique online portal that helps secure businesses and enterprise supply chains against the ever-increasing threat of cyber crime and attacks. We provide companies with everything they need to enable them to achieve Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus Certification – and help manage the security of their IT infrastructure into the future. This is our story…

with a wide range of experts across Government and Industry to share perspectives and review industry requirements for a scalable platform that would deliver CE compliance. We used our collective conclusions to direct our thinking about the task ahead to developing a robust and compliant certification route for business.

The Cyber Highway was built on strong foundations and with the help of people who know the landscape well!  Our team engaged in high-level discussions and workshops during the development phase, with Industry experts who are fully aware of the challenges modern businesses face as they operate within an increasingly hostile Internet environment.

This understanding, combined with expert knowledge and experience, enabled us to establish from the very beginning, the various requirements a CE compliance platform must fulfil for it to be successful in today’s market-place. The Cyber Highway is the successful outcome of our extensive research into the provision of a unique, globally scalable online CE compliance offering – one that meets the cyber security needs of business communities in the UK and internationally.

With a range of key partners in order to provide businesses with a comprehensive suite of high-level support systems and services

Our direct access to expert support from Cyber Security industry specialists, enables us to provide organisations with all the advice and practical assistance they need to successfully navigate the Cyber Essentials process. We engage only the very best technical security service providers to make sure that businesses and sations using The Cyber Highway have the right kind of advice and support available to them when they need it.  All of our trained consultants have been externally accredited by our appointed Cyber Essentials Accreditation Body: QG Management Standards.

The senior teams at both QG Management Standards and Indelible Data have provided oversight and support during the creation of The Cyber Highway to ensure that it not only meets but exceeds the expectations of the Cyber Essentials Scheme.

They are available to assist in defining the adjustments to systems that are required to meet Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus requirements.  Not only that, we have agreements in place with our service partners to ensure that whoever and wherever you are, you can expect to pay a fair price for any additional services you require.

As a leading authority in the field of Cyber Security, we recognise the many benefits of Cyber Essentials certification for business – and also the degree of challenge many companies face in the process of becoming Cyber Essentials compliant.

Our close links with companies of all sizes helps us understand the scale of the challenge facing business communities today in the face of a rapidly increasing threats from cybercrime.  Losses can be devastating – ranging from direct financial loss, reduced productivity as a result of downtime and the loss of customer confidence due to the adverse reputational impact that successful cyberattacks can have on businesses and organisations of all sizes.  Industries such as financial services and law firms are particularly susceptible to levels of risks that can have truly devastating implications on a firm’s standing in the markets, such as data breaches that lead to the compromise of client information and subsequent regulatory fines.

The Cyber Highway is available to larger Industry operations, such as banks and insurance companies, as a white-label Cyber Essentials compliance platform which they can promote to their business clients.  We know that by encouraging clients to undertake The Cyber Highway route to Cyber Essentials certification, which offers them enhanced levels of protection against a wide range of up to 80% of common online cyber threats, you can look forward to a safer and more financially secure future for your business.

The Cyber Highway – a simple but comprehensive on-line portal, which brings together the latest in digital technology with a clearly mapped-out navigational route.
The unique combination of a seamless process teamed with an accessible user experience supports business at every stage of their journey towards Cyber Essential certification – and beyond.

Designed for companies of every size
A simple, non-technical and very practical approach to reaching basic levels of cyber resilience & compliance

A comprehensive quality-assurance frame-work
Defines key elements of good practice in cyber security and sets goals to drive continuous improvement, year on year

A series of clear self-assessment statements
Replaces the Cyber Essentials questionnaire with equally robust but more comprehensible statements that encourage understanding and ownership

A user-friendly, online platform
Combines cutting-edge technology with the latest Government and Industry guidance to take businesses step-by-step towards Cyber Essentials & Cyber Essentials Plus certification

A fully integrated and comprehensive cyber security self-auditing system
Enables companies to identify where they are now, and see clearly where they need to go next, in order to ensure their future cyber resilience

A complete range of accessible tools and solutions
Provides all the advice, direction and support a business user might need to help demystify the Cyber Essentials compliance process, whilst effectively communicating their cyber security capability to others by displaying the Government’s Cyber Essentials logo.